Magic School Bus: Blows its Top!

Looking at Rock the Rock Cycle becomes interesting as we follow the Magic School Bus on an adventure inside a Volcano!

As always,
Mrs. Marino

Penguins! Penguins! Penguins!

Howdy all! As you may have noticed, we have been learning about penguins during this lovely month of December. We are having a great time and started reading a wonderful chapter book, “Magic School Bus: Penguin Puzzle” on Monday. In reading we are using our new information on penguins to create an “All About Penguins” book. As a class, we are also looking at the continent of Antarctica during Social Studies. Since we are having such a great time, I rounded up some online penguin activities to do at home or during computer time! Don’t forget to start working on your Penguin Project at home for homework. It is due next Thursday. Enjoy!

Penguin Web Quest
Kidzone Penguins
Emperor Penguins
Club Penguin Comics
Sea World Penguins

The Chicks are Here!

Our sweet little chicks are here and busy, busy, busy! They spend their days eating, scratching, pecking and GROWING! We are measuring them everyday and watching their feathers start to grow. We have two chicks in our room. Their names are Lynx and Fluffs and they are bantams, which means they are miniature chickens. Today they had a playdate with Mrs. Terry’s chicks. It was funny to see how much smaller they are than Princess Bella and Pan! Don’t forget! We need dedicated parents and kids to take the chicks home each weekend!