St. Patty’s Day!!!

St. Patty’s Day is here and for once in all my years of teaching, we will actually be in school (kind of) to celebrate it! Usually, this silly green holiday comes during Spring Break or right as it starts, but this year St. Patty’s day is the Sunday right before we come back! So I am super excited to pull out some St. Patty’s wonderfulness for my kiddos.

I spruced up my St. Patty’s Day Numerical Fluency and Problem Solving stations…

Recording SheetI made 4 new recording sheets because last year when I made this set I was religiously using math journals and I wanted “journal helpers” to glue in. However, this year I’ve been using more worksheets so I wanted some for the set.

You can get the set in my TPT store.  Plus until Monday I’m having a SALE!!!

St. Patty's Day Math

I also got pumped up and made some March Calendar Cards! They are super adorable with some Lucky Leprechaun graphics from Scrappin’ Doodles!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 3.29.59 PM

WOW! I was busy! Plus I did a little web searching for some of those coloring pages that use sight words. Those are super adorable! What I didn’t expect was to find a whole mini-unit for St. Patty’s Day from What the Teacher Wants!


Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 3.35.45 PM


Fun! Have a great St. Patty’s Day!



Revenge of the Laminate!!!

My hand hurts and I’m not sure who won the battle…




Whew! That’s some reading strategy posters, owl clock tags, my owl math stations, owl calendar cards, and some labels for rewards.

Some I made others are from all over the internets! You can get your own sets of each just follow the links…

Reading Strategy Posters created by Lyndsey Kuster at A Year of Many Firsts
Owl clock Numbers
Owl Math Stations
Owl Calendar cards
Reward Labels & Quiet Spray

Enjoy! Also I found a new theme set at the teacher store that matches my Owl Calendar Cards perfectly. See!


Now to go find my wrist brace…

As always,

Owls Math Activities & Problem Solving!!!

So here goes my continued foray into creating materials for the classroom! I used my Owls in the Night graphics to create a beginning of the year math station to cover at least the first week. Click on any of the pictures to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop! From there you can pick up these Math Stations for your classroom!

Last time I made a math station pack, I ended up using it for two weeks because the kids really enjoyed doing the same activity a couple of times. This is totally fine with me because it is sort of a pet peeve of mine to spend a lot of time creating something that they use for ten minutes!

Since I decided to make owls my new classroom theme, I thought it would be fun to do owls stations in the beginning before I get into holidays themes! I included 4 activities, 4 story problems that are matched to the activities, recording sheets for each activity, and a skill check assessment.

Since I have a thing about too much paper. I made each recording sheet so it was to be cut in half, so you get two for one. This also makes it the right size to glue into a notebook with room for “reflection” or a “what did you learn today?” sentence or two.

The Skill check is formatted the same as the Daily Problem Solving, so the kids are familiar with the themes and vocabulary. It should also help them feel more successful in the end!

You can download this Math Activity & Problem Solving Pack from my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop!

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As always,
Mrs. Marino