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Back to School September Math Activities Super Pack Extravaganza!!!

Wow! I finally finished it! I’ve been working on this month long Math Activities Unit for about 3 weeks and it is awesome!

I even took a break in the middle and printed out some of it and let my kids cut apart the pieces and test out some of it. They had a blast!

There is so much in this pack, I’m not kidding when I say you can use it for a whole month! I plan on using it for the whole month of September and I made it to be used as a major part of my math workshop.

The main piece is a set of 1-200 number cards that form the foundation for the math pack. This pack is intended for beginning of the year second grade and in my class I really want the kids to start mastering their numbers 1-200.

There are lots of workpages to go with each skill….

This is just a sampling of the worksheets I included. And notice that each workpage has a journal entry, Activity and Challenge! Can you say vocabulary and differentiation?! What What?!

All of the activities are set up to be used in a pocket chart but you could totally use the floor or a table! Here are a few…

There are also 12 different story problems…

There is a big focus on our campus for Numerical Fluency and also problem solving. I use this model for problem solving….Study, Plan, Act, Reflect! This model helps the kids not just scribble an answer after the problem.

To top it all off…there is a short Unit Test that could totally be used as a pre-test and then compare the measure progress!

Wow!!! That’s a lot of Math!!! You can get this NOW from my TpT store!!!

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Have fun in Math this September!



Back to School is Coming!!!

With school approaching much too quickly, my brain is in overdrive with ideas for plans. Last night I was about 2 minutes away from calling my hubby into the bathroom while I was showering to take notes for me!

Why is it that showers make the best ideas come to my head?!

Anyhoo, when I got out I ran over and grabbed my iPad and made a list because I finally had worked out what numerical fluency skills I wanted to cover during the month of September. I already had made some numerical fluency Math stations for August that were review type and I really wanted to start September trying to cover some 2nd grade ground. Sometimes I think we spend too much time in review from the previous year and then run out of time at the end of the year!

Then I decided that I needed some Back to School-y clipart and a fun digital paper to go with it…so….guess what I did today?!



Ignored my children. Let the chores slide. Wore inappropriate for a 30 year old teenager style clothes around the house.


Made Clipart and Digital Papers!!!

Oohh! The School Supplies Clipart came out so cute! Squee! Even hubby said it looked “cute”! He’s still on the outs concerning the Squiggle Papers! Says they make his eyes funny! Whatevs.

I gotta say its adorable! You can get it here!!!

The papers are big 8.5×11 size and are super as long as you don’t mind your eyes going all funny! You can get them here!!!

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