Tech Tip Tuesday!!!

Ok I’m back for Tech Tip Tuesday, although I only have 5 minutes before Wednesday and I have to be at work at 8. Argh! Well…. Ummmm…..why can I never think in a crunch!?

I’ll make a list of quick tips and tech favs!

1. iPad mirroring. Yep! With an Apple TV box hooked to a projector, you can make yourself a modified interactive whiteboard…kind of! If mine was set up right now instead of in a pile of cables and keyboards and tech stuff I could take a picture for you!


2. Xtra Math. I just learned about this yesterday and I am totally hooked! This website allows you, for free, to make a class list, send kids to the computer to practice numerical fluency, the program calls the next kid on the list, and it sends you a report, for free. Did I mention it calls the next kid on the list, even if you have several computers running at the same time, and its free?! Seriously?! I already made a class list! I’m so excited!

3. Possible tech tip for the future…. I’ve been thinking about managing my tech by making “licenses” for the kids to earn. Like when they memorize their passwords, or learn how to troubleshoot, or something of that nature. That way there is a tech accreditation of sorts as to who knows what, and oh yeah, I have my tech license. Just a thought…

Yipes! My Tuesday is almost up!


Magic School Bus: Blows its Top!

Looking at Rock the Rock Cycle becomes interesting as we follow the Magic School Bus on an adventure inside a Volcano!

As always,
Mrs. Marino

Symbaloo to you too!

Ok, lets give this a shot. This is something I stumbled across today while doing some reading about inquiry based learning. It’s called Symbaloo, and it’s like a tailored web-quest type resource, that let’s you select not only resources for research and compile them into one page. It also let’s you link up collaboration and web tools. Neat idea, not sure how it will work in the classroom (as far as kids logging in and all that, remember my babies are only in 2nd)!

Above, I hopefully have embedded some sort of widget that is usable…I really have no idea what I did but here goes!

As always,
Mrs. Marino