Making Grammar Fun!!!

I just finished planning out a year’s worth of grammar lessons for my fabulous fourth graders and I found that the one thing that could be better is the fun factor. We all have those trusty grammar workbooks with page after page of mindless exercises, but where is the fun? Collecting dust!

Last year I used a combination of my journals to take notes, the grammar workbook to “practice”, and copied worksheets that ended up lost forever in our binders. The kids grumbled and groaned every time I passed out another worksheet. I felt like all the work we had put into taking notes in our journals was wasted because I never saw the kids use them again.

What we needed was a way to bring these three pieces together, and what’s better than an interactive journal! I love using these whenever I can and even made a year long one for math…so I got busy making one for grammar!

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You can easily introduce Nouns & Capitalization using this Grammar Interactive Journal! Although it is perfect for 4th graders, I think the activities would be well suited for some 3rd and 5th grade students! It is aligned to Texas Standard (TEKS) 4.21B & 4.20Aii but is easily used for any teaching situation!

Your students will enjoy practicing Nouns & Capitalization with the following activities:

  • Types of Nouns Notes Page
  • Identifying clues to indicate the need for a Singular or Plural Noun
  • Learning MINTS for Capitalization Rules
  • Sorting proper nouns based on correct capitalization
  • Using editing marks for capitalization
  • 5 question quiz on Nouns & Capitalization

Each activity includes:

  • a task card with directions to be placed at a learning station
  • printable student page for cutting and gluing into a journal
  • an answer key

Also included are vocabulary cards for a grammar word bank or word wall. I love laminating these and using them on anchor charts as well. Building academic vocabulary couldn’t be more simple!

Each activity can be completed in as little as 15 minutes either as a whole group, with a guided group, or even at a workstation!

This is only the first unit of the journal, so be on the lookout!


Gearing up for Next Year!!!

Lots has been happening and I am glad to say that I am returning to 4th grade for another year! Last year I taught 4th grade Math and Science and this year I am returning to my one true love, Language Arts & Reading! So refreshing to be back in my zone! With that comes fresh inspiration to create some great stuff for my students.

First to be finished is Weekly Word Work & Spelling for my 4th Graders.

Weekly Word Study 4th Preview

I started with Scientific Spelling, mixed in a little Words their Way, and finished it off with a TEKS checklist to make sure I had caught all that the great state of Texas wants! What came out is a fabulously easy to manage Print and Go Word Work Workbook.

There are 37 weeks of Word Work included! I also made two different covers (boy and girl) so you could copy the entire packet at the beginning of the year and have everything taken care of from the start.

One of my favorite parts is the data page so students can keep track of how they have performed on each of the weekly rules! A quick look at the side also shows which rules are coming up next.


You might also notice that I have included a rating system at the top. This is something I found on Pinterest and have used with great success in the classroom! My students love it and I find value in letting them see where they stand besides just an A.

I’m very excited about getting this routine set up from day one, so my students can master their spelling. Get ready for the beginning of the year by getting your copy of Weekly Word Work today from my Teachers pay Teachers Shop!

On a TEKS roll!!!

Hey all!

The ELAR TEKS are finished and posted on TPT! Hooray! My goal is to finish all of the third grade TEKS this week so look for daily posts!


Nice thing I did was color code the different strands so that you could separate them out easily. I also made a title page for each strand. I think I’m going to use the titles as place holders on the board to show outline each subject/objective. I used some really pretty blues and greens for these posters.

Strands ELAR


These are really going to brighten up the dreary process of introducing objectives!

Later! I have more work to do! Luckily the other subjects aren’t nearly as meaty as English Language Arts and Reading!