Okay, NOW Spring is Here!!!

So a few weeks ago I posted that Spring had Sprung, but I was wrong…so so wrong. I think I actually had to wear my winter coat and boots last week because it was chilly. (Keep in mind I’m from Texas so this translates to 55 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon!)

But today, it was about 85 during recess which meant lots of whining and “Can we go in yet?” and “How come the water fountain is turned off?”. Which was just fine because I got to use my “NEVER!!! Hahaha!!!” excuse, followed by a short pause and an “April Fools!”. That’s right, today was also April 1st. Sometimes I have kids who are ridiculous about it, and by ridiculous I mean…mean. But my kids this year were super enjoyable. When I spoke in French for 15 minutes they laughed. When I wrote the title on my paper in Japanese they giggled. When I gave them 2000 minutes of reading for homework they guffawed! (Except for that one kid who looked really upset that he had to read 2000 minutes….hmmm.)

So all in all, today was nice, even with the ispentalldayyesterdayconsumingmyweightincandyandbeingspoiledbygrandma hype that usually follows Easter.

Plus, yesterday after my own children had worn me out with Easter madness, I sat quietly and did some Spring sketching and look what happened…

Spring Clipart CollectionIts super adorable and includes all the little critters and Springtime goodness you see here plus that Dottie font that I made! You can get it in my TpT store HERE!!!

On top of that, I was feeling happy after drawing out this cutie patootie set so I made some Spring Calendar Cards to go with!!!

Spring Calendar CardsAbsurd! These are ready for April and May and you can get them in my TpT store!!!

Next thing you know I’ll spit out a matching Math and Literacy set! April Fools? Maybe not!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and don’t forget that there is one day left for the Big Giveaway at More than Math by Mo! Pretty soon I’m going to have to run a giveaway, with so many new followers of my own! 


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FREEBIE! Owl Social Media Buttons!!!

I was playing around today and crafted a handful of buttons to go with an owl theme. I even made one for TpT! Just right click and save if you’re interested!

The buttons were made using my Rainbow Owls Clipart Collection which you can pick up in my TpT store!


Winter is on its way out!!!

With that pesky groundhog deciding that Spring has come early, I feel at a loss with my lovely winter themed Clipart that I planned to use through February! It’s so dang cute! I guess I will have to upgrade to a Valentines theme after all.

You can still get this cute set on my TpT store!