Holy Moly! Prezi!

Why have I never heard of this web app before? Seriously. My life is changed. No more stuffy PowerPoint presentations for me! I am a Prezi convert! Check out what I made in less than 30 minutes, which I think is pretty nice for the first time using it!


Sweet huh?! Pros: They have a player for the iPad (a plus for me because I can use it during read aloud), and Prezi has a FREE educator account. The signup was super simple and like I said, actually producing a Prezi was very simple. I’m thinking that I could apply this a lot in the classroom as visual instructions for a game/activity that some students might want to watch several times…or like I just made as a guided lesson tool! Thanks, Prezi! I can’t wait to show these to my class.

As always,
Mrs. Marino

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