App of the Week: Stick Pick!

I recently came across a really neat app that allows me to eliminate the need for that cup of popsicle sticks that constantly gets knocked over. The app is called Stick Pick and I am hoping that it really makes a difference. Stick Pick lets you make multiple classes of students. Within each class you can make a stick for each student and when you tap or shake the “can” a name is randomly chosen. No big deal, right? Wrong. This is only the beginning. When you make a stick for a student then you can decide what level of Bloom’s or ESL questioning you would like the student to work on. When that child’s stick comes up…BADABOOM! There are the appropriate question stems! From there you mark if the student answered the question correctly and to what level (1-5). You can also choose to put the stick back in the can OR into the Used can. At the end of the day you can search your student roster to look up how many questions you asked a particular student, what days and times you asked them and how well they answered. Then you can email the student info to parents, administrators, etc for data collection. 

In short, I was simply amazed at the thoroughness of this app. It is also fun to look at, with nice graphics and a simple interface. Not to mention USEFULNESS, especially concerning data collection! Thank you, Stick Pick. I definitely won’t miss the sound of my old stick cup hitting the floor!

As always,

Mrs. Marino

One thought on “App of the Week: Stick Pick!

  1. Buzz Garwood says:

    You’re welcome, Mrs. Marino! Thank you for the positive review and kind words! I wish you luck with your second grade class and hope Stick Pick will help make differentiating instruction and collecting formative assessment data even easier than ever.

    If you’re interested in a little of the “back story” to how I came up with the idea for Stick Pick, here’s an article my local newspaper wrote about a week after its launch.

    Thanks again!


    -Buzz Garwood

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